Nylon Sheath for Knives - Horizontal Scout Sheath - 4.5 or 5.2 Inch Blade

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Size:Large: 11.81"

Black heavy duty Nylon Sheath for survival and bushcraft knives.
Main Characteristics:

✔ LARGE -> Total length: 11.81 inches/30 cm - Blade length up to 5.2 inches/13 cm - Width: 1.47 inches/3.7 cm.
✔ Allows easy placement on the belt or hang from backpack. You can wear it on your belt or bind it on a strap. Portable to take it anywhere
✔ Contains extra protection where the blade is stored.
✔ Includes diamond Braid cord" tie-down and leg-loop Rigging
✔ Secure loop allows the knife to be stored securely, by snap close button
✔Web loop at bottom for tie-down to packs, leg-loop
✔ Lightweight

A must have accessory to carry your knife during camping, fishing, hunting, survival or any outdoor and adventure activities.

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